Did you know? A Git branch is essentially a 41-byte file

Git branches are extremely lightweight and simple to create. Learn about the internals of a Git branch to know why they are so awesome.... Read more 馃憠馃徑

August 18, 2023 路 4 min 路 Ayush Poddar

Internal mechanics of Git commits - Secret to Git's speed and lightweightness

Learn how Git uses a mechanism of simple pointers and checksums to provide speed and lightweightness.... Read more 馃憠馃徑

August 17, 2023 路 3 min 路 Ayush Poddar

Git Tags Continued - Share, Delete and Checkout

Explore operations like pushing tags, deleting tags and creating branches based off a tag in Git... Read more 馃憠馃徑

August 16, 2023 路 3 min 路 Ayush Poddar

Introduce checkpoints in your code - Learn how to use tagging in Git

Git tags are like checkpoints in your repository's history. Learn how to create them, list them and view their details.... Read more 馃憠馃徑

August 15, 2023 路 7 min 路 Ayush Poddar

Git Remotes for Beginners: Inspect, Rename and Remove

Being able to inspect, rename and remove a Git remote are essential to managing your repository's remotes. Learn how to effectively manage your Git remotes.... Read more 馃憠馃徑

August 14, 2023 路 2 min 路 Ayush Poddar

Git Remotes for Beginners: An Introductory Guide

Learn how to use "Git remotes" to share your code with the world, collaborate with others, and keep your repositories up-to-date.... Read more 馃憠馃徑

August 13, 2023 路 3 min 路 Ayush Poddar

Less is more - Limit the size of your Git log output

By default, git log returns all the commits. Generally, we require only a set of them. Learn how to limit the size of your Git log output.... Read more 馃憠馃徑

August 11, 2023 路 5 min 路 Ayush Poddar

Customise how you view your Git commit logs with these options

Git provides a number of options to customise how you view your commit logs. Learn about the most common ones.... Read more 馃憠馃徑

August 10, 2023 路 5 min 路 Ayush Poddar